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On the Anniversary of Row vs Wade, Continue the Fight that Won Legal Abortion

Today, January 22nd, is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalized abortion nationally. This was won from a Republican Court by a massive Women’s movement, but the right has been under attack and whittled away ever since. Joseph Biden started his career disliking the Roe decision, and while he has been forced to openly support its existence, he has consistently supported the Hyde Amendment which removed abortion from Medicaid and other federal funding of healthcare. We can not depend on Biden and Congress to defend abortion rights today from an increasingly anti-abortion Supreme Court. Four years ago, a massive Women’s March kicked off opposition to Trump. Those numbers, and a revival of the movements that won abortion rights in the first place can not only secure those rights, but fight on for much more. (Read more...)

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Biden Wins: Where Now for America & the Left?

Paul LeBlanc, August Nimtz, and Virgina Rodino discuss the 2020 US election and prospects for the left after Trump's defeat. SWP TV, November 8th, 2020. Virginia Rodino is an activist with Marx21 US and vice chair of the Maryland Green Party. August Nimtz is a professor of African American studies at the University of… Continue reading Biden Wins: Where Now for America & the Left?

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Covid recession casts 100 million into extreme poverty, while world’s richest gain record trillions

Two mainstream reports issued in October, the USB Billionaire’s Report and the World Bank Poverty Report, together showed that under the Covid-19 pandemic the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer have reached gargantuan levels. Together they are, as Eric Fretz notes here, an unwitting indictment of capitalism.