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We said defund, disarm, abolish. They murdered Tyre Nichols anyway

On January 7, police pulled over 29-year-old father, photographer, and FedEx worker Tyre Nichols at a traffic stop in Memphis, Tennessee. Police say Nichols was stopped for reckless driving, but they have not been able to produce any evidence to substantiate the claim. After three days in critical condition, Nichols died in hospital as a result of severe internal bleeding. Body cam footage released last week shows what everyone feared and suspected: the police brutally beat Nichols to death. He was less than 100 yards from his mother’s home at the time of his murder.

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Kick Over the Statues: Columbus’ Legacy is Nothing to Celebrate

With the holiday coming up, Eric Fretz and M. N. Dahan look back on Christopher Columbus’ role in slavery and native genocide, and at the recent wave of activism in response. Every year around this time the debate rises about why the United States still celebrates Columbus Day and its nationalist myths. Millions of American… Continue reading Kick Over the Statues: Columbus’ Legacy is Nothing to Celebrate

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Pride, Trans Oppression, and Liberation

Adapted from a talk presented at Marx21’s national branch meeting celebrating Pride month, Clare Lemlich looks at the intertwined origins of sexism, homophobia, and transphobia, as well as the past and present struggles for LGBTQ+ liberation. Pride month can be bittersweet. We get to see the gains our movements have made, and there’s a kind… Continue reading Pride, Trans Oppression, and Liberation

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100 days of Biden

Eric Fretz breaks down the first 100 days of the Biden administration, arguing that while certain reforms might appear dramatic, his presidency’s overall goal is to bolster profits and capitalist stability—and offer working people just enough to quell our discontent.

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On the Anniversary of Roe v Wade, Continue the Fight that Won Legal Abortion

We cannot depend on Biden and Congress to defend abortion rights today from an increasingly anti-abortion Supreme Court. Four years ago, a massive Women’s March kicked off opposition to Trump. Those numbers, and a revival of the movements that won abortion rights in the first place, can not only secure those rights, but fight on for much more.