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Covid recession casts 100 million into extreme poverty, while world’s richest gain record trillions

Two mainstream reports issued in October, the USB Billionaire’s Report and the World Bank Poverty Report, together showed that under the Covid-19 pandemic the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer have reached gargantuan levels. Together they are, as Eric Fretz notes here, an unwitting indictment of capitalism.

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Solidarity with Greek anti-fascists’ fight against Golden Dawn

Iannis Delatolas reports on the upcoming conclusion of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn trial, giving some background about the anti-fascist movement in Greece amd aruging for international solidarity with Greek organizers currently fighting fascism in the courts, the streets, and the workplaces. We encourage all who are able to offer material support to contribute to United Against Racism and Fascism’s solidarity fundraiser, which will help offset the huge costs of this campaign against Golden Dawn.

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Socialist Politics after Sanders & Corbyn with Charlie Kimber & Clare Lemlich, Sat. May 30th

Join Marx21 for a live discussion of the inspiring, but disappointing, phenomena of the Bernie Sanders (in the US) and Jeremy Corbyn (UK) campaigns, the trajectory of Syryza in Greece and Podemos in Spain, reformism and socialist politics today. In the aftermath of the defeat of the two very inspiring social-democratic electoral campaigns of Bernie… Continue reading Socialist Politics after Sanders & Corbyn with Charlie Kimber & Clare Lemlich, Sat. May 30th

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Anti-Muslim pogroms break out in India’s capital

Rebecca Gilson reports on the wave of racist violence against Muslims in India facilitated by the right wing Hindu nationalist government of Narendra Modi, as well as the inspiring anti-racist resistance that students and workers are leading. Last month deadly violence broke out in Delhi, India when peaceful protesters, most of them Muslim, were set… Continue reading Anti-Muslim pogroms break out in India’s capital