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“We Want Them Out!”

Today will see many demonstration in the U.S. and elsewhere as part of the “No War With Iran” International Day of Action. Yesterday saw 250,000 rally in Iraq against US troops there, coming after months of people’s demonstrations against unemployment, government corruption and sectarianism. Solidarity with the peoples of Iraq and Iran starts with opposition… Continue reading “We Want Them Out!”

Latin America

Evo Morales, the Coup, and Popular Resistance

A combination of local capitalist forces and US imperialism lies behind the coup in Bolivia. We stand in solidarity with all fighting against the coup and far-right racist attacks on indigenous people, supporters of the Movement Towards Socialism, and campesino leaders. In addition, as Andy Brown explains, the picture is more complicated, with Morales’s own… Continue reading Evo Morales, the Coup, and Popular Resistance


Contract vote still up in the air as GM workers continue to picket

The United Auto Workers’ National Council approved a tentative deal with General Motors last Thursday. Locals were fed back information, voting by the union membership started this Saturday and will continue till Friday, October 25th, with individual locals setting their own voting times. Eirc Fred reports on what the current contract on offer would mean… Continue reading Contract vote still up in the air as GM workers continue to picket

Asia, International

Interview • The Struggle in Hong Kong with Kevin Lin

In October of 2019, Marx21 talked with Kevin Lin, a labor activist and researcher on China, about the recent background and prospects of the immense ongoing movement in Hong Kong. After four months of enormous protests, can the state continue to sit this out? Are they just waiting for it to die down? It is… Continue reading Interview • The Struggle in Hong Kong with Kevin Lin

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Haiti in Revolt-Again

As Haiti enters into its eighth consecutive week of anti-government protests, barricades and roadblocks are shutting down the country, while mass demonstrations of hundreds of thousands, including contingents of organized workers, demand the resignation of President Jovenel Moise and equitable redistribution of national resources. Marx21 received the report below on Haiti. Although the mainstream news in… Continue reading Haiti in Revolt-Again