Marx21 produces a regular bulletin for sale at demonstrations and meetings. Our back catalogue is available below.

Immigration rights and resisting racism and fascism in Trump’s America • UAW strike updates, including how you can help • Eyewitness report from the Extinction Rebellion

Auto workers workers strike at GM • Interview with a GM striker • Striking for the climate

Portland says No to Nazis • “Antifa:” the origins of militant anti-fascism in 1930s Germany • Interview with Petros Constantinou, anti-fascist organizer with KEERFA in Greece, on lessons from the fight against Golden Dawn.

Puerto Rico shows us how to win • Eyewitness report from the general strike in Puerto Rico • Puerto Rico revolts against corruption and austerity

Why Marx21? The tasks for the left today • LA Teachers show us how to win • 50 Years after Stonewall–Reclaim Pride.