Marx21 produces a regular bulletin for sale, as well as occasional leaflets and supplements, to give out at demonstrations and meetings. Our back catalog is available below.

One page supplement reporting from the picket lines at the Nabisco strike.

40 years since the PATCO strike * Lessons of the Hong Kong Resistance * Socialism from Below * US Imperialism, State Capitalism, and the Cuban Protests * Energy Workers Call for Just Transition

Marx21 ‘zine’ (folded double-sided page) with article on trans liberation. Timed to hand out at Pride events.

Four-page supplement on the Derek Chauvin verdict, and the new solidarity with Palestine.

An 11-page assessment of Biden’s first 100 days in office, and how socialists should respond.

“Unite Against Trump and the Insurgent Far-Right.” Statement published after January 6th violence at the Capitol.

The 2020 election • Successful mobilizations against the Proud Boys in Portland • The important defeat of fascist Golden Dawn in Greece and lessons for the US • Belorussia stares down dictatorship • and the NBA actions for Black Lives show the power of strikes.

Bulletin # 8 ● September 2020

Unions “Strike” for Black Lives; NYC municipal workers rally against layoffs • Belarussians in second week of anti-government uprising • Lessons of Solidarność/Solidarity 40 years after • Protest continue in Lebanon as Government resigns following horrific blast • Solidarity with the Greek anti-fascist fight against Golden Dawn.

The origin and function of the police • The ongoing BLM protests in Portland • New York City teachers and COVID-19 • a constructive critique of “mutual-aid” as a political strategy.

Black Lives Matter and the ongoing rebellion after the death of George Floyd • “The Real Looters” Congress and the Federal Reserve are giving away billions to corporations, banks and the rich in the name of coronavirus recovery.

Immigration rights and resisting racism and fascism in Trump’s America • UAW strike updates, including how you can help • Eyewitness report from the Extinction Rebellion

Auto workers workers strike at GM • Interview with a GM striker • Striking for the climate

Portland says No to Nazis • “Antifa:” the origins of militant anti-fascism in 1930s Germany • Interview with Petros Constantinou, anti-fascist organizer with KEERFA in Greece, on lessons from the fight against Golden Dawn.

Puerto Rico shows us how to win • Eyewitness report from the general strike in Puerto Rico • Puerto Rico revolts against corruption and austerity

Why Marx21? The tasks for the left today • LA Teachers show us how to win • 50 Years after Stonewall–Reclaim Pride.