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“From the River to the Sea:” Palestinians Resist Israeli Apartheid. May 23, 2pm.

From the Nakba in 1948 to the continued assault and displacement of Palestinians today, Palestinians have endured the brutal occupation forces of Israel, funded by U.S. dollars, and fueled by the imperialist aims in the Middle East. Today we see a new explosion of Palestinian struggles, and growing international solidarity from below. Come to a presentation and discussion of this history, the struggle today, and the road ahead. Sunday @ 11am PT / 2pm ET.

Imperialism, Middle East

“We Want Them Out!”

Today will see many demonstration in the U.S. and elsewhere as part of the “No War With Iran” International Day of Action. Yesterday saw 250,000 rally in Iraq against US troops there, coming after months of people’s demonstrations against unemployment, government corruption and sectarianism. Solidarity with the peoples of Iraq and Iran starts with opposition… Continue reading “We Want Them Out!”

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Belarus-Russia integration talks reflect deepening imperial tensions

Outlining the key players and their stakes in the region, Clare Lemlich takes an anti-imperialist look at what's behind Russia's integration push in neighboring Belarus. During the last few months of 2019 Russian leader Vladimir Putin and his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko met several times to discuss closer integration between the two countries. No agreement… Continue reading Belarus-Russia integration talks reflect deepening imperial tensions