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We said defund, disarm, abolish. They murdered Tyre Nichols anyway

On January 7, police pulled over 29-year-old father, photographer, and FedEx worker Tyre Nichols at a traffic stop in Memphis, Tennessee. Police say Nichols was stopped for reckless driving, but they have not been able to produce any evidence to substantiate the claim. After three days in critical condition, Nichols died in hospital as a result of severe internal bleeding. Body cam footage released last week shows what everyone feared and suspected: the police brutally beat Nichols to death. He was less than 100 yards from his mother’s home at the time of his murder.

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Kick Over the Statues: Columbus’ Legacy is Nothing to Celebrate

With the holiday coming up, Eric Fretz and M. N. Dahan look back on Christopher Columbus’ role in slavery and native genocide, and at the recent wave of activism in response. Every year around this time the debate rises about why the United States still celebrates Columbus Day and its nationalist myths. Millions of American… Continue reading Kick Over the Statues: Columbus’ Legacy is Nothing to Celebrate

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The Atlanta aftermath and the rise in anti-AAPI racism

Marx21 member and Maryland coordinator of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, Virginia Rodino, discusses the rise in anti-Asian violence in the wake of the Atlanta shootings, contextualizing the tragedy by reaching back into America's long history of anti-Asian racism. The recent horrific racist murders at three Atlanta spas where eight people lost their lives… Continue reading The Atlanta aftermath and the rise in anti-AAPI racism

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Black Lives Matter rebellion wins Chauvin verdict

Marx21 sees the guilty verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, who murdered George Floyd, as a victory for the Black Lives Matter movement and for oppressed people all over the world.  This verdict cuts against the historical status-quo in the United States, where racist acts of violence by the police and vigilantes are treated with impunity. But,… Continue reading Black Lives Matter rebellion wins Chauvin verdict

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Reading and Discussion Group: Fascism and Fighting the Far Right Today.

The growth of the far right is a real threat in the United States and internationally, but it is not inevitable. In this reading group, starting Feb. 14th, we will briefly look back at the nature of classic fascism, before examining both disastrous and successful strategies to fight fascism, how it has transformed, and discussing the far-right in the United States under Trump and after. More, for reading list and links...

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Solidarity with Greek anti-fascists’ fight against Golden Dawn

Iannis Delatolas reports on the upcoming conclusion of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn trial, giving some background about the anti-fascist movement in Greece amd aruging for international solidarity with Greek organizers currently fighting fascism in the courts, the streets, and the workplaces. We encourage all who are able to offer material support to contribute to United Against Racism and Fascism’s solidarity fundraiser, which will help offset the huge costs of this campaign against Golden Dawn.

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July 20 labor actions for Black lives an important step for the movement

Sean Cumming reports on the nationwide labor actions for Black lives on July 20, arguing that they are a crucial first step towards deeper labor solidarity with the anti-racist rebellion. On July 20 thousands of workers across the United States went on strike in what was one of the largest cross sectional, or national strikes,… Continue reading July 20 labor actions for Black lives an important step for the movement