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Reading and Discussion Group: Fascism and Fighting the Far Right Today.

The violent mob who stormed the Capitol on January 6th, among them fascists and militias, opened many eyes as to the activities of the far-right in the US today. Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right party National Rally, is currently ridding high in the polls while continuing to spout extreme Islamophobic and anti-Immigrant rhetoric. The current Covid-related economic crisis is creating a climate where the far right can grow internationally. Yet the vast majority still opposes fascism and millions marched here against police violence and for Black lives. We can crush the far-right if we are organized. In this reading group, we will first briefly look back at the nature of classic fascism, before examining both disastrous and successful strategies to fight fascism, and finishing with a discussion of the far-right in the United States under Trump and after.


Fighting Fascism and the Far Right Today, Pamphlet SWP(UK), Nov. 2018 

For a Workers’ United Front Against Fascism, Leon Trotsky, Dec. 1931

• Recent articles on the far right in Europe and the US. To be determined.  

In this first session on February 14th we will briefly discuss the nature of fascist movements and fascist governments in history; how they are distinguished from other oppressive ideologies, governments, and military coups, and look at the rise of the Nazis. We will read the Trotsky article and the first part of the pamphlet above (details of reading here). Facebook Event for Feb. 14th

In the second session we will be joined by Paul Holborow, socialist and founding member of the Anti-Nazi League, and discuss lessons of the ANL and examples of successful anti-fascist mobilizations. Facebook Event Feb 21st.

The third session will be an open discussion of the nature of the fascist and far-right movements today and how they can best be fought. Facebook Event for March 7th.

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