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Capitalism in Crisis: Coronavirus, Climate Change, and the Socialist Response. Mike Davis and Joseph Choonara May 9th

The coronavirus pandemic has precipitated the biggest crisis in decades and has intensified the pre-existing fault lines of capitalism. At the most basic level it poses a choice: defend profits or save lives. Governments around the world have prioritized the former.

The crisis of climate change is no different. How the left organizes now, to fight the safety of workers, refugees, and the whole of society may well solidify the kind of movement necessary to fight climate change.

Mike Davis is an environmental historian and author of many books, including Ecology of Fear, Planet of Slums, and The Monster at Our Door (on Avian Flu).

Joseph Choonara is the author of Unravelling Capitalism: A Guide to Marxist Political Economy, a columnist for the magazine Socialist Review and an editorial board member of International Socialism Wjournal, where he has recently written “Socialism in a Time of Pandemics.”

Watch the recorded meeting below: